Stan's Hub For Custom Bicycle Wheels

Stan's 3.30 HubStan's 3.30 Hub

Stan's 3.30 Hubs

Stan's 3.30 Hub

Available Options

Front Weight

9 mm QR
15 mm

158 gm
142 gm

Rear Weight

10 mm QR
142 mm x 12 mm

277 gm
268 gm

Spokes 32

Color Black

Stan's Notubes Bike Wheel Hubs

Dave Says

The Stan's 3.30 hubs are made by the same manufacturer as the Sun-Ringle "Dirty Flea", but are lighter. The hub-shells are forged and machined, and have a shiny black finish.

The hubs have very precise machined tolerances, as evidenced by the smooth but tight feel of the bearings. Also, the conventional 3 pawl ratchet has a 30 tooth (12 degree) ring, which is neither quick or slow. Due to the aluminum driver body and the size of bearings, the rear hub is not recommended for riders over 200 lbs. We do however, warranty the hubs for 2 years and 1 year for the bearings, which is double what the manufacturer features, and have experienced very few issues.

The hubs can be purchased, or retro fitted with most axle types, and are a lightweight bargain at the price.

Dave knows what he is doing and will help you pick the right components for your wheels. His wheels are light, true, and durable.  ~ Warren from