Chris King Hubs For Custom Bicycle Wheels

Chris King HubsChris King Hubs

Chris King Hubs

Chris King Hubs used by Dave's Wheels Chris King Hubs used by Dave's Wheels

Available Options

Front Weight

9 mm QR
15 mm QR
20 mm

171 gm
171 gm
211 gm

Rear Weight

10 mm QR
142 mm x 12 mm

336 gm
336 gm

Spokes 32

Colors Black, Red, Blue, Pewter, Green, Gold, Violet, Mango, Silver

Chris King Bike Wheel Hubs

Dave Says

Made in the USA

The Chris King name has been synonymous with innovative design and quality in the bicycle industry for well over twenty years. More than reliability and function, the King hubs exhibit "art in engineering". From the unique "ring-drive" 72 point ratchet to the proprietary angular contact hub-shell bearings, Chris King has raised the bar for other hub makers to meet.

The King philosophy is longevity, and with the proper maintenance, the bearings will last indefinitely, being able to adjust for wear. The hubs (and even our wheels) will out last the bicycles themselves.

The other aspect that is immediately noticeable is the beauty of the hubs, with enough color options to satisfy any taste from the understated to the flamboyant.

Chris King hubs would be ideal for a broad range of bikes and riders with their strength, beauty, and performance.

Dealing with Dave is a true pleasure, he won't even take an order without talking to you about how you ride and what you want. I went top-shelf for the King hubs, Sapim spokes and Stan's rims. The wheels showed up within a week and are the nicest looking bike parts I've ever owned. It took over a pound out of my wheelset and that is a pound you truly feel.  ~ o2binbuzios from