Project 321 Hubs For Custom Bicycle Wheels

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Project 321 Hubs

Project 321 Boost Front Hub Project 321 Boost Rear Hub Project 321 CX 1 Rear Hub Project 321 G2 Mountain Rear Hub Project 321 1.0 Lefty Hub Project 321 2.0 Supermax Lefty Hub

Colors Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise

Project 321 Bike Wheel Hubs

Dave Says

Made in the USA

Project 321 first became known for adapting Cannondale Lefty forks to other bikes with their special steerer tubes. Then came Lefty hubs, and also rear hubs using another manufacturer's ratchet.

In 2016 they designed and tested their own patented, magnetically operated ratchet that was finally released in 2017. At 216 points, it is one of the quickest engaging ratchets (1.6 degrees), and is also one of the quietest, while having very low drag when coasting. (Optional pawls are available to make the ratchet louder.)

The hubs themselves are unchanged from the previous design, which proved so reliable that they now have a 10 year warranty on the shells and axles (3 years for the ratchet). The front hubs have a 23mm axle and oversize radial sealed bearings. The rear hubs have adjustable angular contact bearings for greater strength and longer life. The drive side flange is large (66 millimeters) to minimize spoke stress, as are the carefully angled and countersunk spoke holes.

Project 321 hubs are made in the USA and are available in 10 anodized colors. Dave's Wheels has built with Project 321 hubs since 2011.

Dealing with Dave is a true pleasure, he won't even take an order without talking to you about how you ride and what you want. I went top-shelf for the King hubs, Sapim spokes and Stan's rims. The wheels showed up within a week and are the nicest looking bike parts I've ever owned. It took over a pound out of my wheelset and that is a pound you truly feel.  ~ o2binbuzios from